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Market yourself or your business, the smart way!

Showcasing your skills, achievements, and what you have to offer can be challenging, but it does not have to be with us. Pingocard makes it easier to showcase who you are, what you do, and what you offer, helping you accelerate your career or drive more profits to your business.

1. Signup On Web

Just easy web link, no app download or other bullshit - it's a promise.

2. Craft Your Pingocard

Choose your pingo name, pick a theme, add colors and info.

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Choose your pingo name, pick a theme, add colors and information.

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Choose your pingo name, pick a theme, add colors and information.

Create your own unique digital footprint

Pingocard allows you to create a private and authentic professional e-profile that you can use to highlight your skills or your products and services and make then stand out from the competition.

Pingocard gives you a unique-customizable link that your audience can use to get access to all the information that you wish to share on a single, highly responsive and user-friendly platform. You can even integrate your digital presence into a centralized link to get noticed quicker and easier.

  • One link to your eProfile, everything at a glance
  • Simple, professional and visually pleasing profile
  • Cross-platform along with device compatibility
  • NO advertisements, pop-ups and bullshit

Ready to highlight yourself and your skills in style?

Get a Pingocard to leave an indelible impression on your audience, potential employers, customers or business partners with your own unique smart eProfile card. You can easily categorize the information you would like to share with your audience and keep your personal profile or business portfolio looking put together and professional.

Pingocard provides a lot more than what a business card has to offer without any of the expenses or hassles that come with creating an online portfolio or personal website.

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Convert Pingocard into your own personal website

Whether you want to accelerate your business to maximize profits or unlock better career opportunities, Pingocard is the perfect tool to show your audience why they should choose you.

All the features like analytics, themes, app are already included. You can use your own custom domain to host your Pingocard, making it your personal or business website.

You can customize how your profile appears in search engine results with your own SEO Keywords. You also have access to visitor tracking, link clicks, user location and profile statistics on Pingocard dashboard.

Craft Your Pingocard

Why Pingocard?

Revolutionize the way you showcase yourself or your business

Smart Access

Give your audience easy access to all your information while highlighting your uniqueness in the best way possible.

Ultra Clean

No-ads, no links to third parties and no unnecessary clutter. We ensure that your profile card is ad-free and aesthetically pleasing.

All In One Place

Easily centralize your digital presence by leaving links to your social media, bio, links, portfolio, documents and more.

SEO & Analytics

Customize how your profile appears in search engine results. Get visitor tracking, link clicks, user location and profile statistics.

The Spotlight

Your audience will never see your competition or any other users' information when they visit your profile.

Till End of Internet

All the features — analytics, themes, app — will always be available, along with your custom domain, if you have opted for it.

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